Herb for Penis Enlargement? Are they exist?

Let’s talk about penis. When it comes to it, the common topic related to penis that men concern the most is the size, what’s normal and what’s not. More than thousands of men suffer from the fear that their penis looks too small or is too small to satisfy their partners during sex. Not many people talk about it, but we all know that the problem are there.

Todays, there are tons of penis enlargement, or male enhancement techniques that promise to help you to increase the size of a human penis.  Ads for penis-enlargement products and procedures are everywhere whether it be a plethora of pumps, pills, weights, exercises or surgeries. But if you look close enough — you’ll see that claims of safety and effectiveness haven’t been proved.  Some of them were dangerous and had “unacceptably high rate of complications.” But, what can you do? Are there any other techniques that actually works?

In Thailand, there are one specific herb that are claimed to help men enlarge the size of penis naturally, called “Enkleia thorelii (Lecomte) Nervling”


Does Enkleia thorelii (Lecomte) Nervling Help with Male Enhancement?

Enkleia thorelii (Lecomte) Nervling or “Pra-Doo-Tung” is an herbaceous plant, originated from Malaysia and India. Enkleia thorelii (Lecomte) Nervling is considered as a perennial plant with a great deep root. The plant can grow 20-25 meters tall, and can be found in mixed forest. It also can be grown everywhere and has been widely naturalized in different part of Thailand due to its therapeutic properties. The plant has a long traditional history of use as an herbal remedy as it obtains potent antioxidant activity which therefore has been used to treat ailments, especially for gastrointestinal complaints. Apart from its remarkable properties, the plant is also regarded and utilized for many generations as powerful male aphrodisiac due to its ability to improve male sexual function.

Do they work?

The use of Enkleia thorelii (Lecomte) Nervling has been incredibly important throughout these years because of its beneficial pharmacological properties, especially its role in combatting male sexual disorders. There is no doubt the entire plant contains medical values, but the roots have been extensively used as an herbal decoction or massage oil to improve penile erectile ability, helping increase blood flow to genitals which can assist in a larger and harder erection. With an increase in penile blood flow, it potentially can enhance sexual sensation and performance, allowing for more ejaculation control.

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