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Many women wish to have a curvy waist because it makes them look sexy. However, getting a curvy waist is not easy since you have to eliminate the fat in the specific area which makes it even harder for you to shrink your waist. But, don’t worry, today we have gathered you some exercise that will help to get the curve of your dream. 


Tightening this muscle with ab exercises helps shrink your waist. Exercise burns calories and adds muscle, and muscle burns fat even while you’re resting. One ab exercise that works the rectus abdominus is the crunch done on a lying crunch machine such as one you will find at your gym. Simply lie face up on the bench and place your legs onto the leg pad with the knees bent. Grab the handles next to your head with your arms bent and then squeeze your abs to pull your head and shoulders toward your knees.


The obliques are the muscles on the sides of your waist. Toning the obliques therefore helps create a slim line on the waist. You also may benefit from diet modification if there is a lot of fat on your waist. Side crunches are a simple body weight exercise for the obliques.

Outer Thighs

Exercises for the outer thighs tones the glutes and hips, creating a curved shape. The outer thighs are known as the hip abductors. Using a weight machine for hip abduction is an easy way to work this muscle group.

Exercises to Avoid

Certain exercises make your waist stronger but also thicker. Adding weight to exercises for the obliques increases the size of these muscles, making the waist bigger. Examples include side bending, or lateral flexion, and twisting exercises such as side bends, cable rotations and oblique crunches. Do not use dumbbells or machines for these exercises. You may add resistance to abdominal exercises because the abs consist of a thin layer of muscular tissue that cannot grow in size like the other major muscles of your body.

To help you get rid of fat and cellulite around your waist, we recommend St. Herb Body Shape Gel. The gel is very useful for slimming up your body to get in shape, providing warming effect that activates the process of metabolism to burn out unwanted fat as well as preventing and diminishing the accumulation of fat deposits, cellulite and any other troublesome skin like lumps and bumps.

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