Elder Lady Breast Care Package (Aged 40+ Years)

Elder Lady Breast Care Package (Aged 40+ Years)

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Elder Lady Breast Care is the package for women aged 40 years and more or those who prefer natural breast uplifting.



Elder Lady Breast Care Package

(Aged 40+ Years)

An Ultimate Set to Overcome Sagging and Wrinkling Breast

Women who are over 40 are probably not overly concerned by the size of their breasts. But they are worried about how their breasts look, both in terms of the shape and the position. No one enjoys having saggy and wrinkly breasts, but for some women over 40, it becomes a reality.

We all like to imagine that we are going to have perfectly shaped and perky breasts for the rest of our life, but it is not always the case. Women over 40 who still want to maintain tight and youthful breasts are advised to take a look at the St. Herb Elderly Lady Breast Care Package. It provides all the tools and natural remedies they need to overcome the potentially scarring effects of breast sagging and wrinkling. With these products, the results are immediately noticeable and permanent!

6 Months Program for Ultimate Breast Lifting Effects

It’s strongly recommended to take the full 6-month package for the most effective results
of your ultimate breast lifting and rejuvenating effects! Results guaranteed!

Startup Phase

Your body is well nourished and breasts are ready to improve more after one month use. You will begin to see some improvements in the positioning of your breasts.

1 Month – Startup Phase

Improvement Phase

While you are not going to see enormous gains after two months of using the products, you should begin to see some visible improvements in the positioning of your breasts. And you will also feel an almost immediate improvement in the firmness of your breasts.

2 Months – Improvement Phase

Optimum-Effect Phase

Almost all of the breast lifting and rejuvenating effects take place after four months of using St. Herb products. You should be very happy with the final higher position of your breasts with a youthful and tightening skin.

4 Months – Optimum-Effect Phase

Stabilization Phase

The reason it is recommended that you use the products for at least six months is because you do not want your results to go away as quickly as they arrived. With an additional two more months of using the products, you will ensure your breasts are permanently in a higher position than before, and you will also feel they are ultimately firmer and younger than they were six months ago.

6 Months – Stabilization Phase

Step for Application

  • 1) St. Herb Pueraria Mirifica 60 Capsules (2 capsules after breakfast, 2 capsules before bedtime)
  • 2) St. Herb Breast Serum 60 ml. (morning and night with massage daily)
  • 3) St. Herb Nano Plus Breast Serum 30 ml. (morning and night with massage daily)
  • 4) St. Herb Breast Mask 50 g. (night with massage 2-3 times/week)


  • 1. St. Herb Pueraria Mirifica 60 Capsules should be firstly taken on the first day of your menstruation, continue for 15 days and stop for 15 days. Then restart again immediately after 15 days off without waiting for the next menstruation. Repeat this 15-day on and 15-day off dosage manner for each month.
  • 2. After first time intake of St. Herb Pueraria Mirifica 60 Capsules, you may encounter delayed or early menstrual period as the body is adjusting to this new nutrition. However, your period will turn to its normal cycle within few months.
  • 3. After usage of breast care products, you may experience a bit of pain or tightness in your breast. This is the normal process as your breast is getting developed. The condition will be diminished once your body gets used to this new development.

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