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St. Herb Facial Mask 15 g.

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It's designed as for quickly supply collagen to all skin types and, due to the hypoallergenic properties of the collagen used.
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Improves & Restores Facial Skin

St. Herb Facial Mask is a well exfoliating mask for skin that suffers from impurities and environmental damages. The mask can reveal beautifully fair and young looking facial skin with valuable purest essence of natural minerals and herbal extracts that help restore skin texture and stimulate the natural revitalizing process to reinforce resilience for skin firmness and lighten skin complex by removing dead skin cells.

The intensive ingredients are deeply helpful in rebalancing moisture level and relaxing skin muscles from tiredness for better restoration and improvement of skin. The mild mask is therefore best qualified for skin rejuvenation as its efficacy in reducing aging appearances in augmentation to tightening skin texture.

Due to the hypoallergenic property, St. Herb Facial Mask is recommended as a treatment for all skin types. The mask with gentle scent can generously decelerate skin deterioration and gradually clarify skin to be clearly glowing and supple continually for consistent application.



  • Rebalances the moisture level of skin
  • Reinforces skin resilience for tight and firm skin
  • Stimulates and promotes the natural revitalizing process
  • Relaxes the muscles of skin
  • Removes the dead skin cells with new radiant skin replacement
  • Rejuvenates skin with the reduction of aging appearances
  • Decelerates facial skin deterioration
  • Purifies skin complex to be clearly glowing
  • Suitable for all skin types with hypoallergenic property


St. Herb Facial Mask is a sophisticated new anti-aging cosmetic that consists of highly concentrated, ultra pure, soluble collagen. It is designed as for quickly supply collagen to all skin types and, due to the hypoallergenic properties of the collagen used, is suitable for use with sensitive skin.


Active Ingredients:

Tocopheryl Acetate: the potent antioxidant helps to slow down skin deterioration and efficiently fights against aging signs. It also helps revitalize skin for a radiant look and stronger skin cells.

Disodium Edta: a purifying agent helps clarify skin, even out skin tone, and diminish the appearance of freckles and dark spots by inhibiting inactive tyrosine kinase in the mechanism of pigmentation process.

Titanium Dioxide: a naturally- occurring mineral has its property in reflecting light away from skin and removing impurities, leaving pure whitening looking skin.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract: a moisturizing agent helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, regenerating and soothing skin to be smooth and hydrated.

Kaolin: pure natural white clay maintains skin moisture and resilience with nourishment that feeds and restores skin to be firm, vital, and smoothly glowing.


Apply mask generously to face and neck area after cleansing at night for three times a week. Leave mask for about 15-20 minutes or for the whole night for optimum results.


Mask: 15 g.

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