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A loose vagina is a nightmare for many women. Even though you might not see the difference on your vagina shape, you can still feel it anyway. And one reason why this is a big matter for women today is its effect on the intimacy of their relationships. When it comes to the bedroom activity, both of you and your partner are able to feel this change. So we cannot negate that the loose vagina has a large effect on women’s confidence and comfort. Because this is one of the embarrassing vaginal issues many girls face, it will be beneficial for you to learn about its symptoms and try to understand its nature.

Does age affect my vagina condition?

As you get older, it is very common to see your vagina condition changes. You will gradually lose natural hormones called “estrogen” from your body as you age up which will cause the muscles down there to lose its tightness and hydration. This is how your vagina gets looser, and becomes dry. A huge changing on this lady zone can be seen easily after the childbirth. As the tissues and muscles around there are damaged during the delivery so it is a bit hard for some women to get this part back in shape, especially if they have more than just one kid.

How does it feel like if my vagina loses its tightness?

One symptom that many women with loose vaginas have to face is urine leakage which is quite embarrassing for them. This happens when the muscles around vulva lose its strength to control the urine which is normally caused by the estrogen reduction and pelvic damages. This problem will be seen clearly after the childbirth and menopause due to the shifting of the estrogen levels and surgery of the delivery. Another difficulty you might experience is to orgasm. Orgasm is everything for both of you two when it comes to sex, right? So if your vagina becomes loose, it might be hard for you girls to reach the orgasm and satisfy your partner. Well, it will be a huge change with your sex life! And when the intercourse cannot make you impressed anymore, the following issue will be low libido. Also, it is said that having a loose vagina makes you feel uncomfortable while you wear underwear during the day. This means you will have a hard time with both of your relationship and your own comfort.

By the way, having a loose vagina is not that embarrassing. This condition is the common one that can happen with any woman who has passed the teenage period or pregnancy as the hormones decrease. So if you are facing this vagina problem, do not be shy to consult with the gynecologist and seek the proper treatments for vaginal tightening. Eating healthy foods and doing exercises regularly can also help improve this condition, especially for Kegel which is designed for tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

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